About the Roses


Love Always, Abby creates handcrafted preserved rose arrangements. Preserved roses are real roses that can last over a year with proper care. Upon receiving your LAA arrangement, inspect the arrangement for any damage. If the roses became misshapen during shipping, do not worry, you can usually lightly pinch and fluff the roses with your fingers. If this doesn't work, please contact us immediately.

Arrangement Care

The flowers will last the longest when kept out of direct sunlight, high humidity, and extreme heat. *We send the freshest roses, however, we cannot guarantee rose life due to certain factors such as sunlight, heat, humidity, and placement.

Due to the fragile nature of this product, we can not accept returns or refunds unless the product is visibly damaged. This is a natural and delicate product, so variations will occur and small rips or tears in the petals is normal and expected.

The roses may collect dust over time. To remove dust from your roses, take a chenille stem (also known as a pipe cleaner), and gently scrape the chenille stem over the petals. You may also use a small, clean and dry paint brush to clean the petals.

Give your arrangement plenty of space, and be sure your roses aren't touching another surface because it is possible for the rose dye and furniture paint to transfer to each other.  


How do they work? 

Preserving roses is a 100% natural technique that maintains the original texture and appearance of roses, making them always appear fresh.

The preservation process:

  • Each flower is cut when it is at its most beautiful and colorful.
  • The stems of the recently cut flowers are immediately submerged in a conserving substance which is made from glycerine, a stem dye and other plant components.
  • The sap of the flower is gradually replaced by the liquid until after a few days the process is complete.
  • Then, each flower is examined to remove damaged petals or leaves. The result is a perfect flower, extremely beautiful with a fantastic color.

These roses are amazing because they last up to a year, and they have other benefits too:

  • Allergens are eliminated during the preservation process, so even people with flower allergies can enjoy these arrangements. 
  • Fragrance is diminished, making them safe for anyone undergoing chemotherapy or other treatments that may cause scent sensitivity.
  • There are no harsh chemicals.  

Unboxing Your Arrangement

Due to the fragile nature of the roses, we take extra precaution to ensure your arrangement arrives in good condition.

  1. Cut the tape holding the box insert in place. 
  2. Gently lift the insert out of the box by the flaps. 
  3. Place the arrangement on a table or counter top, and carefully cut the tape that holds the vase to the insert.
  4. Push the insert down a little, and lift the vase out of the insert. 
  5. Find the perfect spot in your home and enjoy!