Meet Abby


I'm Abby Schlueter, owner and founder of Love Always, Abby. I started this company out of my small-town brick and mortar flower shop in Quincy, IL. I noticed very quickly that almost everyone who received our preserved roses came back to buy one for someone else because they loved theirs so much. They wanted to share this great gift with their loved one. I knew that I needed to make it possible for anyone to send the unique and lasting beauty of preserved roses.

I am passionate about the idea that a great gift should be thoughtful, express true emotion, and strengthen a bond between two people. These arrangements do all of this! Every time someone looks at their roses, they will think of you. 

I've named every arrangement after women (and a few guys, too!) who have held an important place in my life, mostly my friends and family members, but some famous gals who I admire and look up to, too. 

Thank you so much for stopping by and making a purchase! 


Love Always,